About us

The NFU champions British farming and provides professional representation and services to its Farmer and Grower members.

As farmers and growers, you need someone to give British farming a voice, so what you’re most passionate about can be continuously protected and shaped. You need someone who can offer you advice and services that are actually of real value to you.

The NFU is that someone. We’re your trade association, providing professional representation on the issues that affect you most.

Our objectives are to champion farming in England and Wales and to provide professional representation and service to Farmer & Grower members.

The NFU in numbers

  • The NFU has 55,000 members across England and Wales.

  • There are around 83,000 farm holdings which are greater than 50 acres of land. These belong to full time farmers. Many farmers have more than one holding.

  • The NFU estimates that more than 70 per cent of full time farmers are NFU members.

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