Senior Herdsperson
Full Time Permanent
Covington, PE28 0RT, United Kingdom



An opportunity has arisen for a senior herdsperson to join a team of permanent staff with a milking herd of 450 Holsteins This is a key leadership position in the team and is opportunity to step up by leading by example to the rest of the team. Candidates will need to demonstrate to attention to detail within the herd and increase herd productivity from within a team culture. Candidates need to be able to think for themselves, motivate other team members around plus work alongside the farm manager   The farm is 1000 acres plus, 400 acres of grassland and 400 acres maize and the rest is cereals which are fed back to the cows. Cows calve all year round and yielding 10,000 litres, on twice daily milking. Total mixed ration feeding is practiced, some parlour feeding. Milking is through a 50 cow rotary milking parlour with automatic identification, wireless heat detection, backing gate and auto segregation. Milking cows are cubicle housed on sand and are in 3 groups. Dry cows and pre-calver’s are in straw yards as are youngstock.
This senior herdsperson will be part of the milking team, trim lame cows between visits of the hoof trimmer, and perform AI. This herdsperson will need be proactive with herd health including fertility, taking a lead with vaccinations etc.


Candidates need able to demonstrate that they have achieved excellent results in a herdsperson role. In return the reward will be an excellent package to include generous salary, regular time off and a modern three bedroomed house in excellent condition  


Cambridgeshire, please ring for more precise location.

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