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National Land Based College – Recruitment of Non-Executive Directors

The National Land Based College (NLBC) is an exciting initiative, established in 2015 to Champion Skills Development for Land Based Industries.

NLBC’s Vision is to support land based industries in developing a strong life-long learning culture, which will result in improved productivity and quality across the whole sector.


Following its initial phase of development, it now seeks to recruit 2 additional:


Non-Executive Directors and Trustees


who are actively engaged in and have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the needs of businesses and their employees in at least one of the land based sectors’.


Further details of this exciting voluntary opportunity to help shape the future of the College, are available from [email protected]


Interested applicants are invited to hold an informal discussion with NLBC’s Vice-Chair, Charles Matts [email protected]


National Land Based College (UK) Ltd. (Reg. No. 09635465)

Non-Executive Directors


1.0 Summary of the Role

The Board as a whole is collectively responsible for promoting the success of the Company by directing the company's affairs. In addition, the directors are expected constructively to challenge and help develop strategy, to participate actively in the decision-making process of the Board, and to scrutinise the performance of the company in meeting agreed goals and objectives.

2.0 Key Accountabilities 2.1 To constructively test and challenge proposals and help develop future NLBC strategy.

2.2 To monitor the implementation of approved strategy.

2.3 To promote the NLBC and help strengthen its links with employers and relevant industry groups.

2.4 To scrutinise the performance of the NLBC in meeting agreed goals and objectives and to monitor the reporting of performance.

2.5 To approve financial projections, annual budgets and cash flow projections, and to monitor the financial performance of the company.

2.6 To monitor risk and ensure that management systems are robust and defensible.

2.7 To determine the management arrangements for the NLBC, and the appropriate level of payment for those services.

2.8 To appoint senior staff where appropriate, agree their remuneration and monitor their performance

2.9 To monitor Health and Safety; Equality, Diversity and Inclusion; and ensure that the company complies with all relevant legislation.


The role has the following key elements:

3.0 Time Commitment

In order to fulfil their role, Directors will:

3.1 Attend Board meeting on up to 6 days each year.

3.2 Participate in task and finish groups as required from time to time. Page 2 of 2

3.3 Chair an industry focus panel as required on up to 2 occasions each year.

Directors will be required to:

(i) Undertake that they will be able to allocate sufficient time to meet the expectations of the role, as agreed from time to time.

(ii) Disclose their other significant commitments, and potential conflicts of interest, to the Board before appointment.

(iii) Inform the Board of any subsequent changes.

4.0 Duration

Directors are appointed for an initial term of three years. The term may be renewed if both the director and the Board agree. Appointments are subject to the provisions of the Companies Act and the articles of association, including those relating to election/re-election by the Members at annual general meetings and the removal of directors.

There is an expectation that appointments are renewed for one term of three years only. In line with the corporate governance code issued by the Financial Reporting Council ("UK Corporate Governance Code"), any extension of a term beyond six years (i.e. two three-year terms) for a Director will be subject to review.

5.0 Basis of Appointment

All directors serve the NLBC on a voluntary basis, although some may be remunerated by their employer whilst carrying out the duties associated with the Directorship.

The NLBC is a Registered Charity (reg. No. 1164698) and all directors of the company are also appointed as trustees of the charity, with the associated responsibilitie

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