Head Herdsperson in Wiltshire Ref 2028
Salisbury SP3, UK
Farm Work



Position: Head Herdsperson

Ref: 2028

Location: Salisbury


The Farm:

An excellent opportunity for a head herdsperson to take on responsibility of a 230 cow herd and dairy, which could ideally suit an assistant herdsperson looking to progress to the next level, with the support and backing of the retiring farm owner and staff members.  


The farm runs a 230 cow herd which are grazed throughout the summer, with TMR in operation over the winter.


The Role:

We are seeking a head herdsperson to complete a share of the milking with excellent stockmanship skills, focusing on the herd. The opportunity to get involved with all aspects of herd management, including grassland management, ideas for improvements, implementing computer linked system to the parlour etc. AI qualification useful but not essential, currently out-sourced but is something they would like to consider bringing back in-house. Foot trimming ability also useful but not essential at this stage.  


This role will include keeping good records as well as the farm using NMR. 


The ability to operate a feeder wagon would also be useful, only for relief basis.


The Applicant:

The successful applicant would be:


- competent milking and herd focus

- milking, monitoring and cow checks, detection of problems and treatment

- record keeping

- AI proficient and foot trimming useful but not essential for applying

- AI qualified preferred




2 bedroom cottage accommodation.


Additional Info:

This is a contract position, where the successful person will operate as an agency worker with Farm Solutions. This means that the person will not have sub-contractor responsibilities and all statutory tax deductions and payments will be made by Farm Solutions on their behalf. Hourly pay operates, which includes pay for overtime hours worked.

To apply, please forward your CV to [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]> or phone 07767 161395 for further information. 

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